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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Experiment of Herbs and Their Medicinal Properties

Date : Friday, 5th August 2011
Time : 12.30 p.m - 2.30 p.m
Venue : Biology Laboratory

On Friday, Nadia and Maryam Atiqah had done an experiment of herbs and their medicinal properties to study the effect of zingiber spp ( Halia Hitam ) in the growth of microorganisms. 

Aim : To study the effect of zingiber spp in the growth of microorganisms

Problem statement : Does zingiber spp effect the growth of microorganisms?

Hypothesis : Zingiber spp slow down the growth rate of microorganisms

Apparatus / materials : zingiber spp, beaker, spatula,petri dish, tripod stand, bunsen burner, measuring cylinder, martar, filter paper, funnel, nutrient agar

Procedure :
  1. Cut 3cm of zingiber spp
  2. Grate and wash the zingiber spp using martar
  3. Filter the juice of zingiber spp
  4. Boil 10g nutrient agar in 20ml of distilled water
  5. Add in 10ml juice of zingiber spp
  6. Pour into two petri dish and let it cool
  7. Leave one petri dish closed and the other petri dish exposed to the air
  8. Leave for 3 days
  9. Repeat steps 1 – 8 without adding zingiber spp juice
  10. Record the growth of microorganisms in the table

Cut the zingiber spp at school's herbs garden

A cleaned zingiber spp

A nutrient agar

Maryam is stir the nutrient agar 

Nadia is filter the juice of zingiber spp and maryam is pour the nutrient agar into the petri dish

 Nadia is measuring the juice of zingiber spp using measuring cylinder

Leave one petri dish closed

Result after 3 days :

Agar without zingiber that exposed to the air

Observation :

Petri dish
Agar + zingiber spp
Exposed to the air
Agar + zingiber spp
Does not exposed to the air
Exposed to the air
Does not exposed to the air

Discussion :

Zingiber spp slow down the growth of microorganisms as it contains antiseptic properties. Hence zingiber spp can be use as topical ointment to prevent wound become septic

Conclusion :

Zingiber effect the growth of microorganisms

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.

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