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Friday, 27 May 2011

Carbon Challenge And Trading Game Of BP Myscience

Date : Wednesday, 20th April 2011
Time : 9.00 a.m - 2.00 p.m
Venue : Dewan Melati Mewah
Students that involved : Pure science students (4M1, 5M1) account students (4E. 5E)

On this day, Mr. Zukifli b. Othman as a representative of BP had came to our school and do some activities with us. The activities are Carbon Challenge and Trading Game.Firstly, we plays the carbon challenge.  The objective of Carbon Challenge is climate change awareness and action plans proposal to help reduce operating cost and promote enviromentally friendlier lifestyle.

2 hours modules :

  1. What do you know- 30minutes
  2. 5 questions related to carbon footprints, fossil fuels and science elements.
  3. Group learnin- 1 hour
  4. Economic strand
  5. Social strand 
  • Enviroment strand
  • What have you learn - 15 minutes
  • What do you think - 15 minutes

After finished the activity of Carbon Challenge we start to play the Trading Game. Playing Trading Game enables students apply functional maths skills in a real-life context. Aim of  the trading game is to make profit by buying barrels of crude oil at the lowest price possible and selling athe highest price possible. When we playing Trading Game we must have chair person, market analyst, accountant and trader. We had been give three practice round and six trading rounds. The period of each round will lasts three minutes.


  • We have a fund of $5,000 and 100 barrels of oil to begin the trading.
  • We have a fund of $50,000 and 1000 barrels of oil to begin the trading.
  • We can trade by buying or selling in each round. We may also decide not to trade.
  • We will make our trading decisions  based on information from the News Bulletins.
  • Each News Bulletins also displays the current market price of oil. This is the price that we will buy or sell oils at during that round.
  • Advisors estimate that crude oil may trade between $40-$140 per barrel.

Each group must have a chair person, market analyst, trader and also an accountant 

Particapants are listening to the short briefing before start to play the Trading Game

Video for Trading Game activity :

The winner for the Trading Game is from Form 5 students (5E class)


After all of the activities ended, Mr. Zukifi take a time to see our notice board at Anjung Seri SMK Taman Melati.


Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.

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