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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Herbs Garden

Date : Thursday, 14th April 2011
Time : 3.30 p.m - 5.00 p.m

On the day, group of herbs garden from 4M1 class that is Nur Khairunnisa, Ishwinderjit, Dhurgashini and Asyraf had done a research on herbs in the school. They investigate the uses of herbs in everyday life. There are many uses of herbs which can be used. The result of this study, they have collected information of herbs and making it into a folio. This activity can expose students to the herbal and also to ensure that students always keep the herbs  that are almost extinct. In addition, this activity can creat a green enviroment in schools. Next, instil a culture of  care for the enviroments to the students.
Picture below shows the plants and herbs that we have studied and its application.

views of the SMK Taman Melati Herbs Garden

Ginseng  : used to cure high blood pressure

Jeruju : used to cure intenstinal worms, stomach ache

Pegaga Jepun : used to make ulam

Aloe Vera : used to heals wounds

Kaduk : Used to relives headaches, coughing and athma

Daun Kari (Murraya Koenigii) : used in cooking, stomach tonic, blood launched

Tenggek Burung : used to lowering high blood pressure and restore the body's stamina

Ati-Ati Hijau (Lemaon Balm) : used to make ulam and cool the body

Kunyit (Curcama Longa ) : used to restore abdominal pain 

Duri Tujuh Bilah : used to make ulam 

Halia Bara : used to exhaust air in the body

Hempedu Bumi : used to reduce sugar in the blood 

Kalimantan : used to help recover the diabetes

Kunyit Terus Hitam : used to make ulam 

Melada Pahit : used to recover constipation

Sabung nyawa : used to reduce cholestrol in the body

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.

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