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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Buidings go green in Malaysia | CSR Malaysia

Malaysian Institute of Architects (PAM) and the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia recently launched the Green Building Index (GBI). The green building rating system is to to promote sustainability in the built environment and raise awareness among industry players and the public about environmental issues.

Buildings will be awarded the GBI Malaysia rating based on the following criteria:
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Indoor Environment Quality
  • Sustainable Site Planning and Management
  • Materials and Resources
  • Water Efficiency and
  • Innovation
Organising chairman of PAM, Boon Che Wee, said buildings scoring points in the above areas are likely be more environment-friendly. According to Boon, under the GBI assessment framework, points will also be awarded for achieving and incorporating environmental-friendly features which are above current industry practice.
At the launch of the GBI, Malaysia's Works Minister, Mr Shaziman Abu Mansor, said he would propose to the Cabinet that new government buildings feature energy-saving and other pro-environment measures. Shaziman said the rating will act as a report card for buildings to conform to the level of sustainability.
He was reported to have said, “Studies show that existing buildings in Malaysia use an average of 250 to 350kWh per square metre per year, while green buildings under the GBI will be designed to operate with less than 200kWh per sq m per year.”
According to reports, Shaziman said that ratings would be reviewed every three years to ensure the buildings were well maintained in accordance to the way they were designed.

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.

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