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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Raising Green Kids

How to Raise Socially & Environmentally Conscious Kids

As we, ourselves, become more concerned about what's happening in our world or with the environment, and find ourselves wanting to help in every way we know how, it's natural to want our children to share both the concern and the desire to help.
Here are a few ideas for raising socially conscious and eco-conscious kids:

Talk to them - Let your kids know about others in the world. Share stories and your thoughts about things happening in other parts of the world or even just around the corner.

Empower them to know that we can all do our part to change the world.

Speaking to your kids about the world in a way they can understand and that is age-appropriate is the starting point to a lot of the life lessons we talk about with our children.

Get involved - Getting involved and helping others doesn't have to be a big ordeal and even the youngest child can do their part to help. Support local charities or do a fun walk/run to raise money.

Sponsor a child in another country. Help at the local soup kitchen. Donate goods to the local church or Goodwill center. Read up on ways to save the planet and then, choose the ones that fit best for you and your family.

There are many ways to get involved in a positive and happy way that will inspire children and make them feel part of the world around them.

I remember my own mother making dinners for older people in the neighborhood who were too sick to cook for themselves. It instilled the idea in me that it's important to help whenever you can in any way you can. So don't underestimate the importance of role-modeling.

Help them build empathy--A good question to ask kids is - "how would that make you feel?"

This simple question gets kids thinking outside of themselves and will help them build empathy.

"Native North Americans are and have been the original people in North America: deeply rooted Keepers of Life through the millenia. The Keepers of Life are calling us to action. By their stewardship and wisdom traditions, in conjunction with the knowledge of ecology, we are all asked to be and live in balance, to become Keepers of Life--living each day with care for the next seven generations in our hearts."--Michael J. Caduto & Joseph Bruchac

Keepers of Life

"Knowing to a certain degree how Earth works, but lacking the wisdom of who we are and how to live in balance with Earth, means that we do not know where we are going. We are lost: walking a trail through thick forest without a map, a destination or even a clue to tell us what lies ahead around the next bend. What are our individual stories? What are the stories of our cultures? What is the contemporary story of Earth?...

A synthesis of story and science brings together the subconscious and conscious aspects of human beings and human cultures. This integration of our personal and collective beings is an essential step toward the healing of our selves and our relationships with Earth and other people. This is the seminal purpose of the Keeper books."--Michael J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac

Source : Internet

Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.

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